Sigmify is allows you to collaborate not only with your teams within the organization but also with the external people such as your business associates, customers, suppliers. Sigmify aggregates your daily transactions on a single Stream. It helps you identify the urgent and important transactions in order to help you with the prioritization of the work. Sigmify not only works on the transactions and structured data stored in the database but it also handles unstructured data in the form of hashtags, comments and attachments.
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Sigmify is a ‘workstream collaboration’ platform. You can use Sigmify in your organization for these purposes: You can integrate existing applications making the information flow easy and bring it on a single interface Manage and grow your business with quick to setup ready business applications Build your own solution that meets your exact requirement Make your teams more effective. Help them perform their tasks by giving access to correct information Unify the data scattered over documents and emails in one place Make daily work more streamlined
Category: Sigmify
Sigmify is an easy to use app that helps  you prioritize  your work and  helps you to work  in different teams in such a way that it helps in the growth of your business. Sigmify offers ready made apps with built-in intelligence based insights for effective decision making. Sigmify comes with necessary tools for you to adapt these apps to your specific needs.”
Category: Sigmify

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