This Quick Reference Guide describes how you can create Conversations in Sigmify.

1. This option is available to all users of Sigmify.
2. On Sigmify Transact click on the Conversation link and start a new Conversation thread.
3. Enter following information in the new Conversation thread –

  • Topic – Input Field
  • Comments – Input field
  • Who should see this?
    • Everyone – Everyone in the company can see this.
    • Custom – Share the conversation with the selected users.

4. You can invite ‘Everyone’ in your organization to participate, for example for a companywide announcement, or select a few users of your choice for a specific topic of discussion.

5. You can invite users outside your organization by adding their email ids.

6. Existing Sigmify users get a notification of the invitation. New users who are yet to

7. The Conversation thread is available in the Steam of all the users who have been invited to participate.

8. They can participate in the Conversation by adding their comments.

9. They can also attach documents such as Word, Excel files, images with their comments.