1. Click ‘Try Sigmify for Free’ link on home page on Enter your corporate email address to register.

2. You will receive an activation link on your email address.

3. Click the link to start the registration process.

4. Complete the form shown.

i. Accept Terms and Conditions. To register you will be required to accept latest terms and conditions.

ii. You will be asked to enter and confirm your password.

iii. In case of public domain id, enter an Organization Short Name and check if the name is available by clicking on ‘Check’ link.

iv. Click the checkbox given in front of ‘I’m not a robot’ to verify yourself and submit the registration form.

5. Once you complete the registration form you will be taken to the Dashboard. A Welcome message from Sigmify will display and application notifications will be seen pending, denoted by the number of notifications in red colour. Click on the notifications to complete your account setup.

a. Welcome to Sigmify! Update your profile to start collaborating with other users

i. Update Profile: You can set your First Name, Last Name, Time Zone and your Profile.

ii. Picture: Your Admin can set the Company logo, Organization Name and Country.

b. Explore the full power of Sigmify by subscribing to applications

i.Choice of Subscription: Sigmify’s default application offerings are listed on this form. Click the checkboxes to subscribe to the applications you wish to use.

c. Invite your colleagues – Interact, Share and Collaborate

i. Invite Colleagues: You can invite your colleagues to register on Sigmify. Your colleagues are identified with the email domain which must be same as yours. When you complete this form account activation links will be sent to all of them.

The first person to register from your organization becomes the Admin of your instance. The Admin has access to all modules subscribed. Admin can appoint another user as Admin. After the other colleagues register Admin has to assign appropriate roles to the users.