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Work Place Collaboration- A futuristic Outlook

While companies are dispersed to attract the global market place, the importance of keeping the far flung work force together has increased thus leading to the importance of Collaboration technology. Though technology is one aspect of it, inculcating and maintaining the culture of collaboration is of prime importance.

The present day youth in the workforce  are tech savvy and are  aware of the fact that emails cannot handle the work load of collaboration, as handling the enormous number of emails received by an individual and acting on them itself is a big task. Consequentially sundry online tools like Facebook, WhatsApp etc… are being increasingly used for collaboration purposes. Even then the information is scattered and is in different repositories. Employees thus are on the lookout for tools which would help them organize their work and automate some of it.

Cloud based solutions accessible from desktops seem to be the sole source to solve the scattered workplace problem, as it would help in accessing the information from anywhere anytime. The other issue of scattered sources of information on various platforms of collaboration could only be solved by a platform which encompasses the following three features:

  1. ability to log in to one app and do everything that one needs to do.
  2. ability to converse on any topic and share it with a desired group.
  3. ability to attach files along with the conversation which could be viewed by others.
  4. Needless to mention that data privacy and security would be of prime importance to ensure legal compliance coupled with maintaining functional/individual privacy as that would be the key component which would attract the user to use such a product.

Benefits of such a utility would be manifold:

  1. Ability to initiate a conversation at any place and time of your choice.
  2. Ability to spread the conversation to as many people as you want.
  3. Ability to receive views and comments from participants on the topic instantly.
  4. Ability to share opinions to and fro on the subject without much efforts.
  5. Ability to search and retrieve all information from one place at a later period of time.
  6. Ability to automatically create a knowledge database which could help retain knowledge and information within the organisation even after those employees have left.
  7.  Resulting in lesser spent on training or information sharing.
  8.  Would help in reduction in meeting time, travel and telecom costs. brings you a futuristic product, which enables the user to use a single platform and collaborate across verticals in the organisation on varied topics while  maintaining the security and privacy of  data. This Saas platform  is cost effective and a state of the art tool with numerous benefits meeting organisation needs, especially  encouraging young employees to be in a collaborative environment. This  enables an organisation to grow human assets at affordable prices and develop a knowledge base without any extra efforts.

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