Manage Inquiries, Estimate Capacity,
Prepare Quotations, Track Projects

Sigmify Solar for fast growing green and renewable energy resource companies


Sigmify Solar is for you if you want to

  • Make sure every inquiry is attended and nothing falls through the cracks
  • Closely monitor all inquiries across different stages
  • Know which region and source is giving you maximum inquiries
  • Quickly estimate the capacity and prepare quotations to avoid delays
  • Help in taking quick decisions to close the orders faster
  • Manage your installation projects with efficiency.

Our integrated solution includes access to finance with the help of a Non-Banking Financial Company that specializes in nurturing and financially empowering emerging Small and Medium businesses.

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Sigmify Breaks New Ground

Most companies in this industry which are involved in sourcing, engineering/ assembling and distributing energy equipment to solar company customers are quite clear from the outset that full-fledged ERP solutions are too rigid for their requirements. Most often, what they need is a solution that represent their exact activities.

Their efforts in finding a right-sized industry solution need to go no farther. Sigmify Solar is a flexible and right sized solution with no capital investment or dedicated infrastructure requirements. Its disciplined and effective use can result in immediate and tangible business results.

Built on collaboration framework to make teams more productive
  • Dashboard – Single point access to daily work
  • Stream – Aggregation of all transactions across apps
  • Collaboration – Team work and secured communication
  • SPOTlight – Prioritisation of work
  • Insights – Performance dashboard and analytics



Sigmify’s Inquiry Management lets you manage inquiries right from the time you receive them through all follow-up stages till you close the order. The history of the inquiry is maintained automatically and available for review to the authorized persons. The entire external and internal communication around the inquiry it maintained in Sigmify eliminating the need to go to any other communication channel.

Documents such as inquiry form, product catalogs, proposals, quotations can be attached and retrieved easily from the Document Listing

Inquiry Management helps you get insights into the sources from which you are acquiring leads, which region and products are giving you better leads and who in your sales team is bringing you more business.

Powerful performance dashboard highlights the past performance, current status and progress of all inquiries that helps in identifying how the inquiries are moving ahead and where are the bottlenecks. Performance dashboard facilitates drilling down to each inquiry.



Inquiry Management is integrated with Quotation Management. This app captures the details entered at the time of generating inquiry and helps create quotation. The quotation can be easily computed and downloaded as a PDF. Sigmify provides a facility to email the quotation to the concerned party without having to go to another emailing software. The record of the email sent out is maintained on Sigmify for the future reference.




Customise using MyApps

Sigmify truly empowers its users. You can use one of the following options –

  • Subscribe the pre-built apps and use them as it is
  • Modify pre-built apps to meet your requirements
  • Build your own apps from scratch

Combine your business process with the power of team collaboration

  • For each inquiry that you receive or a project that you track, single point access to multiple channels of communication including emails, sharing, comments, reminders and bookmarks brings everyone on the same page
  • Powerful dashboard provides insights to the management for better decision-making such as leads acquired from a particular region, for a product, from a specific source. Gives visibility into how projects have performed in the past, what is the current status and where are likely bottlenecks in the future
  • Access from your web browser or as a mobile app



Customer Support

Have a question to ask or facing a problem with Sigmify?
Please contact the Support Helpdesk.
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Phone: +9146026032 (IND)



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