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Unleash the power of collaboration for things like increasing your leads and getting your tasks done. Make your teams more effective. Sigmify products have no set-up, maintenance, installation and administration needs. Get started right away with these collaborative solutions to boost team performance





Create a solution that fits your exact requirement with Sigmify MyApps.

MyApps uses an intuitive, drag and drop method to create your own apps rapidly using No Code, Low Code approach.
You do not need any programming knowledge. Create a solution in three easy steps


✓ Define a New App and save

✓ Select tasks/ controls and connect them to build your app

✓ Assign roles to the tasks

✓ Design screens to capture the data


✓ Test the app by performing test transactions

✓ Modify the app till the time your requirements are met


✓ Once you are satisfied by seeing the app results clear the test data

✓ Activate the app in live with a single key stroke​​​​​​​


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Get all that you need for building your own applications starting at
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