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Get everybody on the same page

Get control over scattered data

Take action

Grow your business by collaborating
with the right people at the right time

Workstream Collaboration

Make your teams more effective. Help them perform their tasks by giving access to correct information
Unify the data scattered over documents and emails in one place
Make daily work more streamlined

How does Sigmify help?


You can integrate existing applications making the information flow easy


Manage and grow your business with quick to setup ready solutions


Build your own solution that meets your exact requirement

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Our expert team can build a solution for you

Leverage your existing systems

Transform your business without having to scrap legacy systems

You have invested in a lot of ‘systems’. Some purchased, some outsourced, some custom developed. You may have an ERP for your core function

Sigmify OpenAPIs provide the necessary framework for you to integrate your existing applications with Sigmify

Sigmify can become your single access point for the apps which you are using and which you want to build in future

ReadyApps - Plug and Play Apps

Create a solution using workflow application
that fits your exact requirement with Sigmify MyApps

MyApps uses an intuitive, drag and drop method to create your own collaborative business process applications rapidly using No Code, Low Code approach

Sigmify is built on a strong BPM foundation

You do not need any programming knowledge

Build an app for your business in three easy steps:


✓ Create a workflow and save

✓ Select tasks/ controls and connect them to build your app

✓ Assign teams to tasks

✓ Design screens to capture the data


✓ Test the app by performing test transactions

✓ Modify the app till the time your requirements are met


✓ Once you are satisfied by seeing the app results clear the test data

✓ Activate the app in live with a single key stroke

Our commitment for an outstanding quality of service

Work smart. Prioritize

Insights for better decision making

Communications with transactions

Increase productivity

Available as a Service

Easy To Use

Quick To Onboard

Mobile Friendly

Take Sigmify with you

Get all that you need for building your own applications starting at
just ₹999 $19 per user per month


Start collaborating with your team now

Fully functional. No credit card required.
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