As described in the Architecture section, applications can be 3rd party ready applications or home grown or custom made. Sigmify offers MyApps – Contacts for managing your leads and facilitating conversions, Tickets for resolving customer complaints, Knowledge Hub for capturing organization’s knowledge about systems and processes and finally facilitating user defined processes using MyApps.

Step 1

Define your business process

Step 2

Assign teams​

Step 3

Define data items​​

Step 4

Specify rules​

Step 5

Test drive in sandbox​

Step 6

Deploy and save versions​


Build your own custom business solutions by using the Sigmify Business Process Management capability, with a built-in Collaboration platform for a 2 for 1 deal.

    • You use Excel sheets to do your work. It is a struggle to share these spreadsheets within the team and monitor changes, Who made them, What was changed and When.
    • You have 70 – 80% of your business functions automated, however, there are some steps which you have to perform manually.
    • You come across a ready solution which meets your requirements only partially. There are areas which are not handled by the ready solution.
    • You have a unique requirement for which there is no ready solution available. Building custom solutions from scratch is very time consuming and expensive.

Create a custom solution with Sigmify MyApps that meets your exact requirement. Initially with our help.

    • Sigmify MyApps uses an intuitive, drag and drop technology to create solutions rapidly, using No Code, Low Code approach. No programming knowledge is required.
    • Create a solution in four easy steps
      1. Map roles within the organization using the solution
      2. Model a process using the Sigmify BPMN compliant Process Modeler
      3. Design screens to capture and process data entered
      4. Integrate with both legacy and 3rd party applications of your choice

MyApps Templates

These are sample apps built using MyApps configuration capability. You can use these templates and modify them to suit your requirements.


Expense Tracking

Record claims, approvals and audit of expenses accurately and on time. Bring control and transparency


Opportunity Management

Make sure no inquiries and leads get dropped. Track and manage opportunities through the sales life cycle from initial contact till they get converted


Request for Proposal

Coordinate and Consolidate all tasks, activities and information related to responding to RFPs. Easily manage central repositories of artifacts like attachments. Collaborate with Technical, Delivery, Subject Matter Expert, Contract Management and other teams as necessary. Introduce transparency and gain visibility and speed to the response process


Project Tracking

Meet project objectives and improve success rate by increased visibility. Manage resources on time and within budget


Customer Support​

Improve quality of customer service with quick turnaround on customer queries and support requests. Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Issue Management

Record, identify, investigate and resolve issues quickly and permanently. Build knowledge base


Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruit right people for right positions. Minimize the time involved in the searching, interviewing, hiring and Onboarding

Services Request Tracking

Help your teams perform better by managing their internal service requests on support teams such as Admin, IT and HR

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