I forgot my password. How can I retrieve my password?

Go to www.sigmify.com and click on Login link at the top right corner of the page Click on Forgot password link Enter your email id to retrieve your password Submit Check your email for your login id and password

Will my account be locked if I haven’t been active on Sigmify? How can I unlock it?

No, your account will not be locked even if you have not been active on Sigmify. Once you pay for the pending months and your account on Sigmify will be reactivated.

How do I login to Sigmify?

Go to www.sigmify.com and click on Login link at the top right corner of the page Enter your username and password Submit


How can I build my own processes in Sigmify?

When you onboard Sigmify successfully and land on your dashboard, you get an option to ‘Create a Workflow’. You can define the name of the process (workflow), describe the function of the process, with whom would you like to share the process for discussion and Submit the definition. After this you are taken to the Process Modeler screen. With simple drag and drop technology you can draw your process map, design the documents, create and assign teams and test the process with some test data. After you are satisfied that the process is working correct and as per your expectation, you can delete the test data and deploy the process to be used in ‘live’ environment.


Can I use my public email domain to onboard Sigmify?

Sigmify is an app for team collaboration. While you can use your public domain email id to register on Sigmify, you are advised to use your business email id for registration. With the help of your business email domain Sigmify can easily identify your colleagues and help you work with them.

How do I onboard Sigmify?

Go to homepage www.sigmify.com, scroll to the bottom of the screen to ‘Try Sigmify for Free’ section. Alternatively, you can click on Signup link on the Home page. Enter your corporate or personal email id and submit it. Follow the next steps and enter your name, captcha code, password and finally accept the terms of use.


How is Sigmify different from other collaboration tools?

Sigmify is allows you to collaborate not only with your teams within the organization but also with the external people such as your business associates, customers, suppliers. Sigmify aggregates your daily transactions on a single Stream. It helps you identify the urgent and important transactions in order to help you with the prioritization of the work. Sigmify not only works on the transactions and structured data stored in the database but it also handles unstructured data in the form of hashtags, comments and attachments.

What can I do on Sigmify? How will it help me and my organization?

Sigmify is a ‘workstream collaboration’ platform. You can use Sigmify in your organization for these purposes: You can integrate existing applications making the information flow easy and bring it on a single interface Manage and grow your business with quick to setup ready business applications Build your own solution that meets your exact requirement Make your teams more effective. Help them perform their tasks by giving access to correct information Unify the data scattered over documents and emails in one place Make daily work more streamlined

What is Sigmify?

Sigmify is an easy to use app that helps  you prioritize  your work and  helps you to work  in different teams in such a way that it helps in the growth of your business. Sigmify offers ready made apps with built-in intelligence based insights for effective decision making. Sigmify comes with necessary tools for you to adapt these apps to your specific needs.”


What is Stream in Sigmify?

Stream is the aggregation of all tasks from different apps that you have access to. The tasks are shown in descending order. You can click each transaction to expand or collapse it.


What is the subscription cost?

Sigmify offers three Subscription plans  –

  • Basic: This plan is ‘Forever Free’ to invite your colleagues to join the platform, create Conversations on various topics related to work and exchange ideas. Conversations can go on until you want to close them when the work is complete. You can also use Sigmify on your mobile device.
  • Standard: This plan is available for Rs. 20,000 per month for unlimited users, unlimited applications, and unlimited transactions up to 50 GB of storage capacity. Under this plan, apart from all Basic features, you can also create and deploy your own processes using workflow features. You can use the web and mobile versions of Sigmify.
  • Enterprise: Under this plan, you get features from both the Basic and Standard plans. You have access to complete email, chat, and phone support. Unlimited storage on the server is available. Subscription charges will be discussed with you. Please contact us for pricing.


How do I get support if I face an issue?

Sigmify support team is always available to help you. You can – Complete the Support Form which is available on your Sigmify dashboard Drop an email at support@sigmify.com Use online chat Please convey the nature of the issue you faced, while using which option, along with the screenshot of the issue, if possible. Mention your name, email id, device – mobile or web, browser and version. These details will help us investigate the issue faster and provide you with a solution.