Sigmify Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management applicationcan be used to build and share your company’s knowledge base. The users can access the knowledge base data while engaging in a community forum, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst the users.

Sigmify Issue Management application is integrated with the Knowledge Management application, ensuring that on resolution, the issues & solution are automatically saved as meaningful knowledge into the system.

There are two types of users of the Knowledge Management application:
a. Knowledge Base User
b. Knowledge Base Reviewer

The following features of Knowledge Management application are available to the knowledge base users:
1. Search Knowledge Base
2. Ask New Questions
3. Comment on Q&As
4. Upvote/Downvote Answers & Comments
5. View the Most Recent knowledge base records
6. View the Most Popular Questions
7. View all the questions asked by you – My Questions
8. View the questions asked by you that are still unanswered – My Unanswered Questions

In addition to the above features, the knowledge base reviewers have access to the following features:

  1. Review Questions
  2. View the questions pending for review – My Review Tasks

As per the Annual Tech Survey by Financial Planning Magazine (Dec 2014) Financial planning software and CRM are ranked the top two technologies which has had the greatest impact on a financial advisor’s business. Sigmify brings these two technologies together on its integration and collaboration platform.

Sigmify CRM helps Financial Planners manage their entire customer data and track sales pipeline. Financial Planners can add/ edit information about their prospects and existing clients. They can contact clients via email, phone or personal visits and record the entire communication details.

By integrating with Taxshax, Sigmify offers an excellent tool to the Financial Planners. It is an interactive planner where they record individual’s financial goals, assets, income sources and expenses. Financial Planning tool shows the gaps in the financial roadmap of the individual. Individuals see everything visually in a graphical interface which is very easy to understand. Financial Planners can also suggest financial products to the individuals in which they can invest to maximize the returns. Due to very clear graphical representation and user friendly interface the time taken in understanding financial planner’s proposal and taking financial decisions is reduced considerably.

Context: A company where work happens through shifts. It can be 2 to 3 shifts per day.

If information is maintained at different places or in a not so organized way even if it is in a single place, the person who is leaving the shift has to explain all that he has done, make sure whoever is taking over has understood it correctly. There is a considerable amount of time used up every time a person leaves a shift every day. Typically if KT takes around 15 minutes per day for a person and 50 people change shifts. Total time taken is 12.5 hours per day and its 275 hours per month (Considering 22 working days in a month).

Sigmify acts as an Information Aggregator which enables every bit of information (with the help of its comprehensive forms and social features) and all files (Upload of file types like .doc, .ppt, .pdf, etc., are supported) to be maintained in a single place in an organized way (Sigmify Stream). Hence, time taken for KT will go down considerably. The person who is leaving shall just point the necessary items in the Stream of Sigmify and the person who is taking over can learn about what happened from it. Time taken will be 5 minutes or less. It will only take around 91 hours for the same work.

Result: In the scenario mentioned, the company will be able to save more than 180 hours of work time per month.

The Conversations can be carried out with Everyone or Custom. When Everyone is selected all users in your domain can view the Conversation and comment on it. In custom conversation you can select a user group who can participate in the Conversation. Now you can receive a notification when someone comments on the Conversation you are part of.

You can set your email preference using ‘Update Profile’ option by checking or unchecking –

• Receive notifications when someone comments on conversation shared with Everyone
• Receive notifications when someone comments on Custom Conversation

By default Everyone notification gets set to unchecked and Custom notification gets set to checked.