1. Click ‘Try Sigmify for Free’ link on home page on www.sigmify.com. Enter your corporate email address to register.

It is suggested to use your corporate email address to register to experience better ‘Team Work’.

2. Enter your First Name, Last Name and answer a simple captcha question.

3. Press Next.

4. Enter and Confirm password of your choice.

5. Read the Terms of Use by clicking the link. Click the checkbox to accept.

6. Click on ‘Take me to Sigmify’ to continue.

7. You will be taken to your Sigmify dashboard. You will see a pop-up window with Welcome message.

8. You can click on one of the following links. The system will take you through the steps to complete the steps in these options.

a.  Invite Your Colleagues

b.  Start a Conversation

c.  Create a workflow

Note: You can also access these links later from Getting Started option under Settings

9. At this time you can use some of the functionality provided by Sigmify. In order to get access to complete functionality, you need to complete following two more steps. You will see a red band with links on top of your dashboard.

a. You would have received an activation link to the email id you provided. Click on the link, copy the activation code your received and verify your account.

b. Invite your colleagues to start collaborating with your team.