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Launch of Sigmify

I am very happy to announce that we launched Sigmify on 18-19 March, 2015 at CIO Conclave in Mumbai. We were hard at work for about a year and a half in developing and refining Sigmify. We developed core platform, built Issue Management and CRM Management applications and deployed internally. We invited our business associates to review the platform. Internal customer’s feedback helped us get over teething troubles before the formal launch. The concept received an enthusiastic response from the attendees and visitors to the booth at CIO Conclave. The CIOs and CTOs could instantly relate to two main problems they face, a) ‘Silo’ed Automation b) Fragmentation of work. I will explain how Sigmify promises to address these.

In today’s organizational situation automation is a given. Close to 80% of the processes in an organization are automated. Organizations have core business and supporting activities. Preference is given to automate the core business first. So a manufacturing organization will invest in a production system first. An export consulting firm will automate the export documentation and application submitting process to start with. Next, they will invest in the backend processes such as accounting, order processing, inventory and so on. Then they will install a CRM to strengthen their Sales and Marketing. Typically, these systems get added one by one. Some may be customized and some may be purchased off-the-shelf. In today’s times some of them could even be cloud solutions on subscription basis. Organizations have already understood the importance of integrated systems. Considerable amount of effort and investment goes in integration projects. However, these still remain disparate systems. There are different access points and different credentials to remember. Sigmify brings all these systems together on a single dashboard. Sigmify becomes a single point access while data remains firmly within those systems. It is not duplicated on Sigmify. So data safety and security is not compromised.

The second problem everyone faces today is fragmentation of work. While performing daily business tasks communication happens through various channels. Mails fly between colleagues, telephone conversations and face to face meetings take place, instant messages are exchanged, not to forget the times when you walk upto a colleague’s desk for a quick clarification. A lot of information is thus spread in emails, chats, IMs, MoMs. Spoken words are completely lost. Sigmify unifies Conversations around business transactions. It provides a way to store all information exchange with the transactions. So anytime you access a transaction from any system this conversation is also available for reference which is impossible in any traditional system.

Thus, Sigmify becomes an integration and collaboration platform that provides a single point access to various systems and defragments the work.

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