Is Your Task Management System Creating Value For You?

“Task management” does not really require too many explanations. It is simple. A system which helps manage the innumerable tasks that turns the wheel around. Recording, assigning and monitoring tasks are the minimum that this system is expected to do. That is how it all began

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Collaboration tools – A must-have ingredient for growth

Imagine being in a large ship. To steer it an inch ahead, a series of tasks need to be done simultaneously. Only perfect co-ordination can keep it moving forward. Any project experience feels nothing less than that. Multiple stakeholders, multiple team members, and multiple tasks – everything has to be managed to accomplish a goal. No wonder, collaboration tools have been around for a long time. From Lotus Notes to scheduling tools, programs have been evolving to cater to just one need – Collaboration!

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Why Spreadsheets Are Not The Best Task Management Tools

Tasks are like small building blocks. Placed correctly in order, they hold the entire structure tight & solid! Every project’s success depends on how the tasks are assigned, managed and completed. However, most organisations do not realise how task management affect the overall productivity. Today’s teams do not work in compartments. They are highly connected. And that makes the work environment a highly interdependent one. Tasks in this environment need to be assigned, completed and measured. The need to measure stems from the need to dig into the valuable insights about the workflow of the organisation. Spreadsheets are the most commonly used tools of task management. Spreadsheet is an excellent tool to do many things, but task management is not one of them.

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Launch of Sigmify

I am very happy to announce that we launched Sigmify on 18-19 March, 2015 at CIO Conclave in Mumbai. We were hard at work for about a year and a half in developing and refining Sigmify. We developed core platform, built Issue Management and CRM Management applications and deployed internally. We invited our business associates to review the platform. Internal customer’s feedback helped us get over teething troubles before the formal launch. The concept received an enthusiastic response from the attendees and visitors to the booth at CIO Conclave. The CIOs and CTOs could instantly relate to two main problems they face, a) ‘Silo’ed Automation b) Fragmentation of work. I will explain how Sigmify promises to address these.

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