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What is Sigmify?


What is Sigmify ?

Lets try to answer the question “What is Sigmify?

“Sigmify is an easy to use app that encourages collaboration @ work. By prioritizing tasks based on importance and urgency, it increases the productivity of individuals, teams and organizations

In today’s organizations automation has been achieved to a large extent. Many core and some support processes have been automated, or that’s what we thought! We are surprised at the effort  many organizations are taking to completely automate processes. The reasons were

  1. Incomplete or insufficient automation
  2. Changing business realities, with a need for flexible, adaptable applications

Here are a couple of examples.

A large business house operating in more than 100 countries and across 6 continents, managing the Proposals from various suppliers or the RFP process through emails.

An export house, which is engaged in getting Exim Bank benefits to the tune of crores for  clients, downloads reports into spreadsheets to partially complete them and then works on them manually to make them presentable to their clients.

To address the gap present where there are no existing applications that fit a particular business need, we built Sigmify with the ability to rapidly develop business processes and applications using no/low code development. 

Sigmify-CloudSigmify De-Fragments Work 

The second problem everyone faces today is fragmentation of work. While performing daily business tasks communication happens through various channels. Mails fly between colleagues, telephone conversations and face to face meetings take place, instant messages are exchanged, not to forget the times when you walk upto a colleague’s desk for a quick clarification. Whatsapp and text messages has been accepted as  official ways of communication not only between colleagues but between companies. A lot of information is  spread in emails, chats, instant messages, MoMs. Spoken words are completely lost.

Sigmify Unifies Conversations around business transactions. Sigmify allows you to collaborate easily within the context of your work or the business transaction you are trying to complete. Any access to a transaction, allows you to see all the associated conversation  for reference. This  is impossible in any traditional , transaction only system. When you look at an email in isolation or are browsing through a chat history, the underlying business context is totally missing.

Sigmify brings all communication together and provides ‘context’ to collaboration.

SPOT Light

Sigmify offers a single point access for work/transactions from different applications created using MyApps, the rapid application creation tool. It becomes your ‘go to place’ for your daily work. As there are multiple workstreams from different applications there is also a risk of getting overwhelmed by all the  tasks coming your way. From experience we all know that all work do not carry equal importance. There is work that is (Clockwise from top left)


  • Handled Immediately
  • Delegated to the Team
  • Should be Reviewed and Eliminated as they simply consume your time
  • Need planning and resource allocation




While working we all tend to be ‘taken in’ by the last transaction that pops up in front of us. It is as if some external forces are in command of what we work on and not us. Sigmify helps remove this conflict and confusion of which tasks should be taken up in what order and make your more productive. It helps you define the task priority by its capability called Sigmify’s Prioritization and Organization Tool. It evaluates your pending tasks using the criteria of important/ unimportant and urgent/ not urgent and buckets work into the appropriate quadrants.

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