Benefits of collaboration around existing processes – I

Collaboration. That is the buzzword that led to the evolution of Sigmify and other technology platforms. What is this hype all about?

It starts somewhat like this:

“We must improve our productivity.

How? By creating more results in less time.

Really, Is that possible?

Yes, with collaboration

Ok. What do we collaborate about?

Let us start with information. So much lying must be tapped!.

Let us collaborate on using the information through analysis and actionables.

Ok. How do we go about doing it?

Let us study the best practices and see where our information fits.

How exactly would these actionables help the bottomline?

Well….Let me see…that answer needs some deep thinking & time”

Every business has this discussion at some point of time. When they do good work and think they can do better. Or when they are not doing too well and feel that it is time to pull up one’s socks. No matter what the situation, it is an absolute must to incorporate collaboration into an organisation’s working style.

The big question is how?

And before we answer how, it would do a lot of good to dispel the how-not-to-do-it part. Here are some of them:

  1. Collaboration is not about just accessing more information – Unless information is specific to the business processes, clientele & goals; it hardly stands a good chance of impacting the actionables.
  2. Collaboration without strategy cannot improving productivity – The “let’s do something rocking” vibe can really boost efforts but not necessarily in the right direction. Most businesses would love some buzz in the short term and show a glimmer of hope in future. However, all businesses would love the buzz to result in long term gains.
  3. Collaboration that does not resonate with the business “as-is” is not good news – The more eager a business is to implement the latest collaboration software and get the whole organisation up and running due to it may get its hopes crushed & morale sapped very soon.
  4. Collaboration that fails to take into account the human element – Any collaboration initiative or software or platform is as good as the usage. How people use it is the most critical and unfortunately overlooked factor. This causes major mishaps in planning and implementing collaboration systems across the organisation.


With some of the what-not-to-dos out of our way, we would like to focus on more. Collaboration is a must-have tool to boost overall productivity and to ensure the company has a chance at long term growth.

Stay tuned to know how to integrate collaboration into your organisation seamlessly in our next blog Benefits of collaboration around existing processes II

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