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How to bring context to collaboration at work

In my last post a couple of weeks back I had talked about context for collaboration. As they say – asking the right question is half the answer. The ‘aha’ moment for us was when we worked our way to this question – How do we bring context to the collaboration that we need to do. Some sort of guided collaboration to help keep our focus on work on hand, keep the ball moving forward on to the next step, help us work together better?

The automation solutions that we have today seem to live in two independent worlds – that of Transaction processing on the one hand, and Collaboration Platforms on the other.

Transaction processing systems help to keep moving transactions methodically from one step to another but are not very effective when it comes to collaborating around those transactions.

Collaboration platforms on the other hand help teams collaborate but these collaborations are not structured or methodical… they are not organized around transactions. These platforms do not help provide context to collaboration, the context has to be established by the users for each thread of collaboration – a cumbersome exercise.

What we require is a collaboration platform that moves the conversation ahead to the next step, to next set of stakeholders as goal of each step gets completed. The Sigmify collaboration platform has a process management capability built into it, and that helps provide context to collaboration as each transaction moves ahead.

Let me explain this with help of the hiring example from my last post. When I recruit someone the process involves screening applicants, different stakeholders interviewing them, selecting one or two, negotiating, contracting and then on-boarding. As different candidates cycle through this process different stakeholders get involved at each step. They need to collaborate with each other to share their points view. The graphic illustrates how the collaboration piece works in concert with the process manager to move the hiring transaction from screening through to on-boarding and brings in the necessary stakeholders for each step.

I would like you to try Sigmify out for yourself. And I would love to hear from you about what you think. Does it really simplify things? If not, what could we do to simplify it.

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