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Re-imagining the Intranet – Part II


The Prequel

We last encountered Kolah Borate in, an article that discussed Collaboration in the context of Intranets.

Based on eye witness accounts, “happy”, “relaxed”, “enthusiastic” , “cheerful” aren’t exactly the adjectives that one would use to describe her state of mind.

She has options of resorting to Diazepam, earlier called Valium, saviour of millions since 1963, or the contacting a Swami (“Guru”) or changing her name (like “Kolaaaaahhhhh Borrrrrate“), a practice much in vogue today, listening to Pink Floyd’s famous hit “Comfortably Numb” or Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine”, a palliative for many music buffs, but alas these won’t solve her problems.

Ending on a quizzical note, the blog raised a number of questions, with no answers. This one too provides no answers, but attempts to get you moving in some direction.

The Sequel

Collaboration, the protagonist of many applications, articles, blogs, presentations and speeches is unfortunately up  against many antagonists.  You being the chief culprit.

Applications have re-imagined themselves, question is, have you ?.

Intranets, both big and small , simple or complex can be transformed. It is all about making that Leap of Faith.

Superman did it, so can you 🙂

Getting applications to work seamlessly and collaboratively, like in the Intranet that Kolah uses, or for that matter what you probably use in your company, is not easy.

Every company will have to follow a different script. Blood (a slight exaggeration), Sweat and Tears will form part of your exciting journey. Where you end up is impossible to describe.

As we speak or rather as you read this, vendors, big and small, already have offerings to deliver what Intranets in Organizations need. It has never been a better time for companies to implement collaborative platforms that either integrate with their existing set of applications or work on their own.

The time has come for you to seriously explore the various offerings available in the market for Enterprises.

Collaboration is not just hype, but reality. Actual examples are Whatsapp and Facebook in the social space, LinkedIn in the business space. There is no silver bullet, no software equivalent of Diazepam, but the efforts are worth it and  the benefits are entirely yours to re-imagine.

Users, Processes, Transactions, Applications, Intranets, Companies  might be different – The need to collaborate remains the same. 

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